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Laser Treatment: 8 Skin Issues You Can Treat with a Laser

Laser Treatments

Celebrities are increasingly admitting to their reliance on laser treatments to maintain their ageless skin. It’s easy to see why — no matter your complexion woes, there’s a laser for that!

What used to be a more invasive procedure has evolved into today’s advanced technology which can involve no downtime and are very safe when administered by a licensed professional.

Below are our recommendations on the best laser treatments for 8 common skin issues:

  1. Acne
  2. Rosacea
  3. Brown Spots
  4. Hair Removal
  5. Tattoo Removal
  6. Leg Veins
  7. Scars
  8. Uneven Texture

Give us a call at (337) 235-6886 to ask us more about any of the laser treatments described below and schedule a consultation to determine the best procedure for you.

8 Skin Issues You Can Treat with a Laser

1. Best Laser Treatments for Acne


Acne affects up to 50 million people in the United States, making it the most common skin condition in the country.

We generally recommend Laser Genesis and Excel V treatments for acne, as well as the scars and red splotchiness that we get as a result of old acne.

Kendall Jenner credits Laser Genesis as the “miracle laser treatment” that finally addressed persistent acne scarring and breakouts that had been undermining her self confidence.

Laser Genesis  acne works by delivering energy to gently heat the deeper layers of your skin, activating collagen production. The result is a decrease in pore size and oil production, and a clearing up of existing skin discoloration and scarring.


Excel V is also incredibly effective at addressing skin redness and scarring from old acne. It specializes in the correction of red, purple, blue, and brown lesions — making it a great treatment option for a variety of other skin conditions, such as rosacea.

2. Best Laser Treatments for Rosacea


What causes rosacea? Rosacea is another extremely common skin condition, characterized by a red discoloration of the cheeks, nose, and chin. This flush appearance is caused by the dilation of blood vessels triggered by things like sun exposure, exercise, and caffeine.

Excel V is an amazing treatment for rosacea because it targets the redness without damaging the surrounding skin. Generally, a series of 2-4 treatments is necessary to reduce the redness depending on how pronounced it is in your case.


3. Best Laser Treatments for Brown Spots


Brown spots are another form of discoloration caused by sun exposure, and once again – Excel V is one of the best treatments for addressing this common skin ailment.

Another option is the PICO Genesis laser, a gentle and fast-acting procedure for clearing up brown spots and brightening your overall skin texture. We will help you decide which option is best for your unique situation and goals when you meet with us for a skin consultation.


4. Best Laser Treatments for Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a trend that’s on the rise, as these technologies become increasingly safe, effective, and comfortable for patients.

Excel HR is the laser device we use for permanent hair removal.

Unlike the laser hair removal procedures of yesteryear, that would only work when there was a sufficiently high contrast between skin color and hair color (think fair skin and dark hair), the Excel HR laser effectively addresses hair removal no matter the color of your hair or skin.


5. Best Laser® Treatments for Tattoo Removal


Tattoo removal treatments are also increasingly popular, as laser technologies become more and more effective at erasing the remnants of our youthful indiscretions.

The Enlighten laser delivers some seriously impressive results due to its cutting edge picosecond technology — effectively erasing old tattoos in fewer sessions compared to previous laser technology, depending on the size, detail, and pigmentation of your tattoo.


6. Best Laser® Treatments for Leg Veins


An estimated 30 to 60% of the population is afflicted by leg veins, including thick varicose veins and thinner, more web-like “spider veins”.

The Excel V laser is our favorite for addressing leg veins, with patients seeing impressive results after only a single treatment.

Results from a treatment are visible within a matter of weeks, as the veins are destroyed and re-absorbed by your body.


7. Best Laser Treatments for Surgical or Traumatic Scars


Laser Genesis is our treatment of choice for improving the appearance of surgical and traumatic scars.

This is an effective treatment for all sorts of scars, since it simultaneously breaks down old scar tissue while stimulating the production of new collagen.

Laser’s Genesis stimulates this response by creating a “thermal injury” in the deeper levels of your skin, which results in your skin generating new collagen — “stitching” together your skin for an increasingly invisible scar with each additional treatment.


8. Best Laser Treatments for Uneven Skin Texture


According to a recent study by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), 71% of people are seeking to improve their skin’s texture and tone.

The PICO Genesislasers is a great choice for our patients who are looking to enhance their skin’s overall brightness by addressing uneven texture.

In addition to evening out skin discoloration, this treatment also smooths wrinkles and shrinks pores — making it ideal for those looking to achieve a more radiant complexion, even if they’re not looking to address one specific concern.


Laser Genesis is another extremely effective treatment for achieving a general improvement in skin texture.

This is an excellent choice if acne, large pores, or any type of scarring is standing in the way of your being confident in your own skin!

Which Laser Treatments Are Right for You?

We hope that this guide has helped you understand your options when it comes to addressing your skin concerns with laser’s treatments.

Make an appointment with us to learn more about the procedures above and get expert advice on which treatments are right for you!

Call (337) 235-6886 to schedule a time for your consultation and ask us any lingering questions you want answered before your appointment.

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