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Contact Dermatitis

When your skin suddenly becomes red and irritated, then you may be experiencing contact dermatitis. This condition can be caused by using a new moisturizer on your skin, the nickel in a piece of jewelry or coming into contact with poison oak. These conditions are rarely serious, but they can be extremely uncomfortable. Talk with a dermatologist when these symptoms occur.

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These skin growths may be benign, but many people would strongly prefer to be without them. Fortunately, your dermatologist has the knowledge and tools that are necessary to correct this problem. After a thorough examination and discussion, to determine the best treatment method, your dermatologist will proceed to provide you with various options and recommendations to treat your warts.

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Moles are quite common at all ages. While they are frequently benign, a particularly dangerous form of skin cancer known as melanoma can grow from moles. When this condition is detected early, it may be curable. An annual mole check should be a part of your routine with your dermatology specialists.

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Although birthmarks are harmless, most cases warrant routine monitoring. Our Dermatologists may recommend removal or a laser therapy treatment to minimize the size and appearance of birthmarks.

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Skin Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma are among the most common skin cancers in the U.S. Left untreated, they can prove to be deadly. When you make regular visits to a dermatologist and take careful note of any changes to your skin, you greatly improve your chances of leading a long and healthy life. If detected early, some cases may be treated with prescription creams. If this is not an option, your doctor may perform excisional surgery, cryo-surgery, and electrodessication and curettage to give you best the option for a cure.

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