Micro-needling creates hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin that stimulate the production of collagen to make your skin look younger and healthier naturally. Micro-needling can be used on all different parts of the body to make the skin appear smoother.

Micro-needling is most often used to treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars, including acne or chickenpox scars
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Sun damage

Is Micro-needling Right for Me?

It is one of the safest procedures available that helps use the regenerative powers your skin already has to keep itself healthy. It doesn’t matter if the area you would like to treat is on your face, arms, legs, back or somewhere else micro-needling is a great option for almost anywhere on the body. It has an 89% ‘Worth it’ rating on RealSelf with 112 ratings. Depending on your goals and your skin type another of our cosmetic treatments might be more appropriate for you, but to find out for sure schedule a consultation with your board certified dermatologist.

Advantages of Micro-needling at Dermatology Center of Acadiana

At Dermatology Center of Acadiana we use a professional grade micro-needling device that has been clinically tested and proven to get results. As board certified dermatologists we also have the understanding and the training of how to properly perform a micro-needling treatment to get the best results so your skin looks its best.

Concerns and Questions about Micro-needling

How many treatments does it usually take?
Patients will generally see noticeable improvement after each treatment and may need anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments to achieve the best results. Typically, it is the more severe cases of sun damage, wrinkling or scarring that require the most treatments. Schedule a consultation at Dermatology Center of Acadiana today to talk with a dermatologist about how many treatments would be right for you.

Is there any downtime?
Generally some patients will have redness in treated areas for up to two days. Additionally, slight swelling, usually around the eyes, may be seen the day after your treatment.

Can I treat an area that has acne or other skin irritation?
In order to prevent the spread of bacteria there should not be any acne or breakouts or any type of skin irritation where treatment will be applied. In the case of a breakout or other irritation it will be necessary to wait until the skin clears up and is no longer irritated.

How long do the effects of micro-needling last?
This is a very difficult question to answer because micro-needling works by stimulating your own skin to produce collagen. If you are doing micro-needling to treat scars, the final result will last indefinitely. This is more complicated if you are having the procedure done for general anti-aging or sun damage. Once your skin makes that collagen as a result of the treatment, it will start aging and receiving new sun damage. The amount of new collagen and how long it lasts can not be measured like the levels of a medication in your blood stream. But generally speaking, after a course of micro-needling for these concerns, someone wouldn’t need to repeat the treatment for anywhere from a few to many years. Of course, caring for your skin with responsible sun protection and good products will prolong the effects.

Is Micro-needling painful?
This depends somewhat on the depth of the treatment, but generally micro-needling is not very uncomfortable. The areas directly over bones like the nose and forehead tend to be more sensitive. But it is definitely tolerable because each area doesn’t take long. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the sensation in the area for 30 minutes prior to your procedure.