Treating a Double Chin with Kybella

Kybella Overview

Kybella works by helping to dissolve the fat underneath the chin. It can be used to treat adults who have mild to severe cases of a ‘double chin’ also known as submental fat. It is identical to deoxycholic acid, which also naturally occurs in the body and helps it to break down and absorb fats. When these fat cells are destroyed, they never come back, ensuring that once your reach your desired goal your results will last.

An Alternative to Liposuction for Treating a Double Chin

Kybella gives people concerned about the appearance of a double chin an FDA approved alternative to liposuction. A survey done in 2015 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that ⅔ of survey respondents were bothered by the fat beneath their chin. People reported being just as worried about a submental fullness as by the wrinkles around their eyes. The treatments for wrinkles around the eyes like BOTOX Cosmetic are the most common cosmetic dermatological procedure.

Kybella Before and After Pics

Here’s the mandatory safety warnings followed by some before and after pictures (click to enlarge):

Causes of a Double Chin (or Submental Fullness)

While the exact causes of a double chin are not fully understood, there are 3 main causes for submental fullness:

  • Weight gain
  • Genetics
  • Aging

Submental fullness does not always go away even after losing weight, as there can be a combination of factors at work. Because Kybella targets the fat, breaks it down, and destroys the ability of those cells to store and accumulate fat it is a great option for more stubborn cases. It is also a great option for patients with a double chin who would prefer to avoid surgery like liposuction.

Common Concerns and FAQ about Kybella

How many Kybella Injections will I need in one visit?
Most people will have between 12-24 injections for one treatment of Kybella, but there can be up to 50 injections for the most intensive treatments.

How many treatments will I need?
Most patients will need between 2 and 4 treatments spaced about 6 weeks apart. Three is the average number of treatments needed.

When will I see results?
Generally patients will start to see results after their second treatment.

How long will my results last?
Due to Kybella destroying the cells that store the fat, the need for further treatment is not expected.

Is Kybella safe?
Yes, it is safe when administered by a board certified dermatologist who has undergone safety training such as the dermatologists at Dermatology Center of Acadiana. This training is necessary to make sure to miss nerves and ensure uniform results.