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Rosacea Treatment: What Can Happen If You Don’t Get Treatment?

excel v laser for rosacea reviews

Rosacea affects nearly 14 million people across the United States. People who suffer from rosacea tend to find themselves embarrassed of their own skin, and that’s why at the Dermatology Center of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA, we work to create the perfect rosacea treatment plan for you and your specific condition. Learn more on Excel …


What Is the Best Way to Get Laser Hair Removal Results?

We all have unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies that causes us to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, or annoyed. We use razors to shave it off, hot wax to pull it off, and tweezers to pluck it out. Sometimes these methods can lead to irritated skin, acne breakouts, and unsightly razor bumps. Laser hair removal is …

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Types of Chemical Peels: Choosing the Right Treatment

In this blog, we’ll discuss types of chemical peels, the benefits, as well as other important aspects of peels. Chemical peels are a time-tested, proven treatment that people have used for generations to get fresh, glowing skin. A chemical peel is a fast, simple treatment that produces tremendous results. If you want radiant skin that …