Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Dealing with unwanted hair can be time-consuming and once it’s gone, it is only a matter of time before it grows right back. The continuous cycle of hair removal and hair regrowth can become daunting but with laser hair removal, you can have smooth skin and be free of that unwanted hair for good. If you’re interested in this treatment option, here at Dermatology Center of Acadiana in Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, LA, we can assist you!

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

This treatment option can be permanent if you have the right amount of treatment sessions to completely stop the cycle of hair regrowth forever. The amount of sessions you will need is going to vary from person to person. Typically though, most people see the cycle of their hair regrowth stop permanently after 4 to 6 sessions. Those who do have thicker, darker hair may need as many as 10 sessions to completely stop the hair growth for good.

Our experts may be able to give you a better estimate at how many sessions you may need before the hair stops returning altogether. Either way, many people who do have the allotted number of sessions to completely stop their hair regrowth are completely satisfied with the treatment and the time and money they save in the future!

Areas That Can Be Treated

There are a number of areas that can be treated using laser hair removal. If you do happen to have an area of concern that is not mentioned, just bring it up to our experts and they will let you know if that area or areas could also potentially benefit from this treatment option.

The Legs

This is a very popular area for treatment because dealing with the hair regrowth cycle can be especially time-consuming. Irritation and bumps on the leg area are also highly visible and can be uncomfortable. This treatment can safely remove the unwanted hair on the legs and leave you with smooth, summer-ready legs all year!

The Bikini Area

This area tends to be a victim of irritation and razor burn more so than other areas. Constantly shaving, waxing, and using hair removal creams on the bikini area can even be uncomfortable and the hair seems to come right back. This treatment can help you be free of unwanted hair in this area for good to always be confident.  

The Upper Lip

Unwanted hair on the upper lip location is another one of those areas that can be frustrating with any other method of hair removal. Sometimes, the hair can even come back thicker, making it even more difficult to deal with. This treatment can get rid of that unwanted hair and leave the upper lip area totally smooth.

Under the Arms

Irritation caused by shaving and waxing under the arms can be uncomfortable throughout the day and let’s face it, this delicate area is more prone to irritation. This treatment option can get rid of unwanted hair under the arms without any irritation or pain.

The Back

There are a lot of people who do tend to have excessive hair on the back area. And, shaving and waxing that area can be difficult due to the location. This treatment can prevent you from ever having to attempt to remove hair in this area again. You can have smooth skin that is free of unwanted hair and feel confident all the time.

The Arms

Excessive hair on the arms is another concern that many have but this treatment option can take care of it! You will never again have to worry about hair removal on this area or fear that the hair is going to come back thicker.

The Benefits 

You may not have considered all the other benefits that come with this treatment option other than being rid of unwanted hair. But, there are quite a few.

No More Razor Burn or Irritation

Almost everyone who has used other hair removal methods has experienced razor burn or other forms of irritation. Not only can that irritation be unsightly, but it can also be uncomfortable. This treatment ensures that you will never have to experience this issue ever again!

Save Money & Time 

Think of all the money and time you have already spent dealing with unwanted hair. Razors, waxing appointments, waxing supplies, and pricey hair removal creams all add up and can be quite a burden on your wallet. Also, it can take a lot of time! This treatment is going to help you gain back that time and future money you would spend dealing with unwanted hair.

Smoother Skin 

A lot of people who have this treatment find that their skin is much smoother in the area where they have had treatment. This is likely due to not having to deal with irritation and other factors. Either way, many people are highly satisfied with how much smoother their skin feels following their treatment.

Quick Treatment Option

Again, think back to all the time you have spent dealing with hair removal. It adds up! This treatment is quick and the results are long-lasting if not completely permanent. Think of all the things you could do with that extra time!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is It Going to Hurt?

Not at all. This treatment uses a laser that focuses only on the hair follicle itself. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort involved in this treatment option. Unlike shaving and waxing, there will be no irritation or pain. And, our professionals will make sure that you are kept completely comfortable throughout your session.

2. Is This a Safe Treatment Option?

Absolutely. This treatment option is completely safe and does not pose any risk to you or your skin! You do not have to be fearful of your safety when it concerns this treatment.

3. How Do I Know if This Is Right for Me?

This is an excellent treatment for any person who has unwanted hair on their legs, arms, bikini area, upper lip, under their arms and other areas. The laser works in effectively removing hair for most people. Our experts can also reassure you that you can benefit from this treatment option during your consultation. They want you to opt for an option that is going to give you the results you want.

4. What if I Have Thicker Hair?

If you do have hair that is thicker or darker, you will just likely need more treatments than a person with thinner, lighter hair. Either way, even those who do have thicker hair can benefit from this treatment. Your first few sessions will likely dramatically thin the hair out and the following sessions will get rid of it altogether.

Our professionals will make sure that you can benefit from this treatment beforehand. Those who do have thicker hair, however, have gotten rid of their unwanted hair for good with the right amount of sessions in the past.

5. Can I Have More Than One Area Treated at the Same Time?

Of course! If you want to have your underarms and your legs treated, that can be done in the same treatment session to save time. As many areas as you want to have treated can all be done at the same time. The device that is used is safe and effective enough to treat more than 1 area in the same treatment session! Just be sure to let our professionals know all your areas of concern so they can accommodate you.

6. Is This Option Only for Women?

Definitely not! This treatment is for any person who has hair that they would rather be rid of on their legs, arms, underarms, upper lip, and other areas. Men can also benefit from this treatment session if they have unwanted hair. Women and men can both take part in the amazing benefit that this treatment can offer.

7. How Do I Get Ready for My Treatment Session?

It is advised that you actually avoid shaving, waxing, or otherwise removing unwanted hair before your treatment session. This is because the hair will be in a different stage of growth and that is going to make the device work better! So, instead of “preparing” for treatment, you are basically going to do the opposite and leave the area or areas you want to have treated alone.

8. Is There Anything Special I Need To Do To Care for My Skin After Treatment?

Avoiding the sun in the 24 to 48 hours after your treatment session is a good idea. And, if you can’t do that, just wear sunscreen! Other than that, there is not typically anything else you need to do after your treatment session. If there would be something you should do or anything you need to avoid, our professionals will certainly let you know!

9. How Long Will My Treatment Session Take?

While this may be different from person to person depending on the area or areas they are having treated, sessions usually do not last longer than 30 minutes. In some cases, treatment can take an hour if you are having a larger area or more than 1 area treated during the same session. However, if you think about all the time you have spent on hair removal in the past, the session time is very quick!

10. How Often Can I Have Treatment?

Most people can have this treatment every 4 to 6 weeks but some people may need to wait a bit longer to target their hair in various stages of growth. Our experts will be able to let you know how long you, specifically, should wait in between your treatment sessions so that the device can be as effective as possible.

11. Can It Cause Damage to My Skin?

No, you do not have to be concerned with this treatment causing any damage to the skin. It targets only the hair follicle itself and totally bypasses the skin. If you are worried about any damage to your skin, don’t be. Your skin will be completely untouched and smoother than ever!

Ditch Any Unwanted Hair Painlessly Today

Constantly worrying about dealing with unwanted hair can cost a lot of precious time and money. Laser hair removal is going to get rid of that unwanted hair and give you back your time and save you money in the long run. If you are ready to put any unwanted hair in the past, come see us today at Dermatology Center of Acadiana in Breaux Bridge and Lafayette, LA