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3 Reasons to Do Your Microneedling at a Dermatologist… NOT at Home

Microneedling has been practiced for decades. During this popular anti-aging treatment, the skin is pierced with tiny needles. While poking holes in your skin might sound counterproductive to the goal of healthy skin, it’s actually highly effective. Each hole creates a “microchannel” that makes it easier for serums and skincare products to reach the deeper …

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How Dermal Fillers Can Help Improve Your Skin (& Your Look)

As we age, the formation of fine lines and deep wrinkles can be expected, however it is not something that you have to live with if you do not like it! This is where fillers come in. There are a variety of brands on the market today, designed to target specific areas and provide certain …

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Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures by the Numbers (10 Years)

Non-invasive cosmetic dermatology procedures have been on the rise consistently for the last ten years. We’re going to take a look at some of the changes between 2016 (the most recently reported year), 2011, and 2007. We’ll start with the big picture. Click one of the subtopics below to skip to that section: BOTOX statistics …

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Dermatology Procedures at DCA to Help You LOVE Your Look

Whenever we hear about visits to a dermatologist, we think about basic solutions to usual skin problems. Here at Dermatology Center of Acadiana we offer the best of many options towards long term solutions for your skin, whether you are seeking treatment for a condition, or just want to update your look. Here are our …

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What Is Eczema And How Do You Treat It?


If you are among the 35 million Americans who are afflicted with “the itch that rashes,” then you know just how miserable it can be to have eczema. People who have this troubling skin condition are subject to terrible itchiness and self-consciousness over the way they look. Fortunately, the disorder can be treated, and it …

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

10 things you didn't know about botox

Out of all the non-invasive anti-aging procedures you can get at your dermatologist’s office, Botox is by far the most popular. How it Works: Botox treats wrinkles associated with muscle movement, such as those in between and around your eyes, the so-called frown lines and crow’s feet. By restricting muscle movement in these areas, you …

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5 Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments Available at Your Dermatologist’s Office

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Anti-aging treatment is changing; long gone are the days when people had to go under the knife to help counteract the effects of time and gravity on their skin. Yesterday’s invasive procedures, involving significant downtime and sometimes serious risks, have given way to safer, non-invasive treatments that you can get over your lunch break, then jump back …