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3 Reasons to Do Your Microneedling at a Dermatologist… NOT at Home

Microneedling has been practiced for decades. During this popular anti-aging treatment, the skin is pierced with tiny needles. While poking holes in your skin might sound counterproductive to the goal of healthy skin, it’s actually highly effective. Each hole creates a “microchannel” that makes it easier for serums and skincare products to reach the deeper …

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4 Best Cosmetic Procedures to get in the Fall

Sun exposure isn’t ideal for after many cosmetic procedures. With the long days of summer behind us we move into the shorter, cooler, days of fall. With those days we get boots, sweaters, everything pumpkin and a slight chill in the air. For most, the cooler weather means more time indoors and less time being …

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5 Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments Available at Your Dermatologist’s Office

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Anti-aging treatment is changing; long gone are the days when people had to go under the knife to help counteract the effects of time and gravity on their skin. Yesterday’s invasive procedures, involving significant downtime and sometimes serious risks, have given way to safer, non-invasive treatments that you can get over your lunch break, then jump back …