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Eyelash Enhancement 101: All About Latisse

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We’ve seen many beauty trends come and go, but long and beautiful eyelashes that Latisse can help with are not one of them. A trip down pencil-thin eyebrow memory lane will remind us of some of these not so lucky trends.

While big, bushy brows have emerged as the preferred look in recent years – long, luscious lashes have always been in vogue.

Mascara and false eyelashes help us create the illusion of length and thickness for a limited time, but what is the best option when it comes to actually growing your real eyelashes?

Enter Latisse. You might have heard of this prescription-strength solution from their ads featuring celebrities like Brooke Shields, Claire Danes, and Christina Hendricks.

Below we have answered 5 of the most common questions our patients ask us about Latisse, so you can decide with confidence whether it’s right for you. We also have a wide range of cosmetic dermatology options for making your skin look better.

We’re offering 10% off Latisse in the month of September, give us a call at (337) 235-6886 or come by the office to pick up your eyelash growth kits!

1. What is Latisse? 


Latisse is a prescription-strength solution that is used to stimulate the eyelashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker.

Results will start to be noticeable after about 4 weeks, with full results being visible after about 14 weeks.

How it Works: Typically, eyelashes take 1-2 months to grow to their full length, after which the lash transitions to a “resting phase” before eventually falling off. Latisse works by prolonging the “growth phase”, so that your eyelashes continue growing and fall off at a slower rate. As a result, you will have both longer and more eyelashes.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect? A clinical study conducted across 16 sites in the United States, involving 278 people using Latisse, showed the following results after a 16 week period:

  • 25% increase in lash length
  • 106% increase in lash thickness/fullness
  • 18% increase in lash darkness

2. How Do I Use Latisse?


When you pick up your Latisse kit, we will go over the following steps in detail to make sure you’re 100% clear on the process. While simple, following these directions correctly is critical to getting best results!

How to Use Latisse: Every night, after removing all your makeup and contact lenses (if applicable), use the single-use applicator brush provided in your kit to “paint” one drop of the solution onto the upper lash line – where the lashes come out of the skin. Make sure you have a good skin care regimen to keep your face and skin looking great as well!

Do not apply to the lower lash line: these lashes will grow by following the directions and applying product only to the top lash line. Also, there is no benefit to applying Latisse more than once a day – they will grow just as long and just as fast at the recommended, nightly, frequency.

3. How Much Does Latisse Cost?


The price for Latisse is $135.00 for the 3ml bottle and $180.00 for the 5ml bottle. The 3ml kit will last about 4-5 weeks, and the 5ml will last about 8-10 weeks.

As we mentioned above, we’re offering 10% off Latisse this September – so the prices would come to $121.50 for the 3ml bottle and $162 for the 5ml bottle. Call (337) 235-6886 or come by the office to pick up your Latisse kit – just be sure to do so before the end of the month!

4. Are There Side Effects? How Common Are They?


Very rarely, patients will experience a reversible darkening of the skin around the eye. If you consistently allow the solution to drip down the face, it can stimulate hair growth on these areas. This can be avoided simply by following the directions as described above – only applying the product on your top lash line with the disposable applicators provided.

There is a theoretical risk of darkening of the iris of the eye (the colored part) for light eyed individuals. This has NEVER actually been reported with using Latisse as instructed for enhancement of the eyelashes. The only reason this side effect is disclosed, is because it has been observed in glaucoma patients who have used a medication containing the same active ingredient (bimatoprost) as Latisse.

This is a complication that was observed in 1-2% of glaucoma patients who applied a medication containing a much higher concentration of bimatoprost on the surface of their eyes. Latisse patients who use the product as directed experience low (or no) risk of this side effect, since the application method only exposes the eye to about 5% of the solution. This is why you won’t find a single Latisse patient who has complained of this side effect, it is just a warning the company is required to disclose.

The most common side effects are a temporary itching sensation in the eyes, which were reported in approximately 4% of patients in the clinical study described above. We’re happy to talk you through any concerns with these possible side effects when you come in to the office.

5. How is Latisse Different From Over the Counter Lash Enhancement Products?


A trip to your local drugstore will show you that Latisse is not the only product claiming to give you longer, thicker lashes. How do these over the counter options compare?

For one, Latisse is the only FDA-approved product that has been clinically proven to result in longer, darker, and more lashes. It has been studied extensively for safety and efficacy, and is available by prescription only because patients need to be well-educated on proper application methods in order to guarantee the desired results.

Latisse is the only product to contain the key ingredient bimatoprost, which extends the growth phase of the eyelashes. Over the counter products only contain so-called “eyelash conditioners” – ingredients that they claim make lashes healthier, and thus, less likely to fall out.

Again, there has been no evidence that these eyelash conditioning serums actually result in longer, thicker, or darker lashes – Latisse continues to be the only product that has proven to deliver such results.

Pick Up Your Latisse Kit at DCA


Whether you still have lingering questions about Latisse, or are ready to pick up your kit – give us a call at (337) 235-6886 today to be eligible for our 10% discount.

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