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How to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall

You may soon be realizing that temperatures are slowly dropping and the air is getting crisper. Well, that’s because summer 2018 is slowly coming to an end. As fall is approaching, we are sure that you will be starting to adjust your skincare routine. Did you know that many of us still make mistakes when re-adjusting our skincare routine to the climate? Don’t worry, DCA has you covered! Here are 4 ways to transition your skin from the summer heat to handling the cooler weather Fall will bring.

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Keep Applying SPF

SPF isn’t just for summer! Sunscreen should be a priority to your skincare routine because UV rays are present during all seasons. UV rays cause the majority of aging concerns. Not only that, harmful rays can penetrate our skin during our daily activities. Never cancel sunscreen out, use sunscreen daily!

Vitamin C

Even though Vitamin C is a great skin essential for the summer, Vitamin C is also vital during the fall. Applying Vitamin C to your skin helps boost your skin’s defenses, keeping it strong and healthy throughout all the seasons. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can help reverse all that summer sun damage. With Vitamin C, you will have radiant youthful skin.

Skin Moisture and Hydration is Key

When it comes to the Fall weather, moisture and hydration come hand in hand. When your skin is dry, that means you are lacking oil. When your skin is lacking water, you are dehydrated. You will need to find a balance between the two. The key to balanced skin is to be sure you have a product that boosts both hydration and moisture. Products that contain Hyaluronic Acid are great to boost hydration, while ceramides, natural oils and butters are amazing at giving your skin nourishing moisture.


Your Eyes

If you’ve been neglecting your eyes so far this year, you may want to add them to your skin care routine. As the air becomes drier, there will be a decrease in moisture around your eyes. As moisture decreases, fine lines will be more noticeable. The next time you go shopping for skin products, look for ingredients such as peptides and caffeine. These ingredients combined will address many the major concerns around your eyes.