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No Shave November Kicks off Prime Laser Hair Removal Time

Laser hair removal is the most effective process for hair removal, and is best done when you can have minimal sun exposure before and afterward. As we come into the darker and colder days of November, this gives a perfect opportunity for anyone who has been considering laser hair removal treatment to finally get it done!

Laser hair removal usually requires 6 treatments spaced several weeks apart to get rid of 80+ percent of hair in a region. The amount of treatments and waiting period between them will be determined by the size of the area and location on the body being treated, but generally laser hair removal treatment will take a few to several months to complete in its entirety.

That means someone starting in ‘No Shave November’ would likely finish their treatments before summer, right when the temperature in Lafayette is starting to heat up again and just in time for bathing suit season!

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After treatment it is best to avoid sweating and sun for 24-48 hours, and many people find avoiding the sun easier to do when the sun is already down by 6pm anyway! It is also highly recommended to take extra care to wear sunscreen and to avoid deep tans and sun burns throughout the three month process, which is much easier to do during the winter.

Prime Areas to Treat with Laser Hair Removal in November

The two prime areas to start treatment in November and December: the legs for women and the back for men. We have more information on laser hair removala with the Excel HR laser, the areas that can be treated and some FAQ.

While November is a great time to start laser hair removal treatment on any area due to the lessened opportunities for sun exposure and lesser outdoor activity levels during winter, these two areas usually see significantly more sun during the summer months.

The skin will be more sensitive directly after treatment, and most people have these areas covered most of the time in the winter months, even in Louisiana. If they don’t, it is much easier to cover them without causing profuse sweating than during the sweltering summer heat. November is also a great time if you are considering laser vascular treatment, laser tattoo removal or laser treatment for uneven skin pigmentation. Your skin will always be more sensitive to sun after any laser treatment.

While it is only necessary to be extra cautious for a day or two after treatment, it is still highly recommended to be good about sunscreen and to not overdo sun exposure throughout treatment. Sun burns are not your friend when doing laser hair removal (or in general), and neither is tanning!

One area that rarely sees the light of day in the winter that is increasingly common to get treatment is men with hairy backs.

Shifting Cultural Norms Means More Men are Getting Laser Hair Removal

  • Back hair is one of the main areas targeted by men for laser hair removal
  • A 2009 a study found 84% of men removed hair from an area of their body other than shaving their face.
  • A 2014 study in London found that 17% of hair removal clients were men.
  • Back hair presents a unique problem for men: it is hard to get rid of it yourself!
  • What if a Man Wants to Get Rid of Back Hair?
  • If a man who wants to get rid of his back hair has a significant other that cares enough to help them, they can help them to shave, trim, pluck or wax their back. What the best solution is will depend on how much hair is involved, as well as their preference.
  • While shaving or finding someone to help shave the back can be the easiest solution, it is also perhaps the least ideal. It will require constant maintenance. If a man decides to start a waxing regimen, it is best to do regular waxing every 4-6 weeks. That can add up quickly in both time and money.

    The Hard Part About Waxing: Keeping up with it, Forever

    While waxing works great and can cause slightly less hair to come back over time, it will be necessary to do waxing forever to maintain results. Since many men would not be doing other treatments and would need an appointment every 4-6 weeks for as long as they wanted to keep back hair away. This is often a bit intimidating for someone who is only used to shaving their face.

    Laser Hair Removal: 6 Initial Treatments, with Minimal Follow Up

    Laser hair removal is a great option for men with unwanted back hair, as it will save them a substantial amount of time and money in the long run. It generally takes about 6 treatments over the span of a few months, and November is a perfect time to start.

    While the average laser hair removal treatment series costs about $2,000, that is a small amount compared to the amount that it would cost to get waxing done for the rest of their life!

    Laser hair removal is the only solution that will allow a man to have peace of mind knowing that he can have a hair-free back with little to no maintenance. If a few hairs do come back, 1-2 follow up treatments is usually all it takes for him to be fine for another 2+ years.

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    The Laser Hair Removal Process

    After laser hair removal the treated hair follicles will no longer produce hair. New hair follicles can generate in those areas, sometimes requiring follow up treatments years down the road, but generally only 1-2 treatments will be needed in these situations.

    Laser Hair Removal Continues to get More Popular

    As laser hair removal has become more versatile for treating all different skin types and hair colors the number of men and women getting the procedure has increased significantly.

    The number of laser hair removal procedures completed by members of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery increased 51 percent from 2012 to 2014!

    Laser hair removal continues to get increasingly popular, as newer developments in technology are continually improving the results for all skin types and hair colors.

    DCA uses one of the Most Advanced Lasers on the Market

    At Dermatology Center of Acadiana we use one of the most advanced lasers on the market for laser hair removal, the Cutera Excel HR. It has multiple wavelengths to allow us to choose the right wavelength for your skin and hair color, and is one of the most effective and safest lasers on the market.

    It is estimated that 2.5 million laser hair removal procedures have taken place in the U.S. alone.

    Women: Is this the Last Winter for Shaving your Legs?

    Most women spend a lot of time shaving their legs over the span of their lifetime!

    Many women say that removing unwanted hair is their least favorite beauty chore!

    Laser hair removal will save women lots of time and money otherwise spent on shaving or waxing over their lifetime. While legs are one of the more expensive areas to treat with laser hair removal due to their size, most women find the benefits of no longer having to worry about leg hair are well worth it.

    While there may need to be a follow up treatment or two years down the road, laser hair removal will mean that women can wear skirts, shorts or bathing suits all summer without having to shave or wax. While they may still have the occasional stray hair to deal with, these will be few and far between.

    They will also regain that time in the morning they did spend on shaving their legs and can now use it for other things, like more beauty sleep!

    Legs and Back Just Two of Many Areas for Laser Hair Removal

    The legs for women and the back for men are just two places that are very convenient for getting laser hair removal done in the winter. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to treat unwanted hair anywhere on the body.

    The legs, back, bikini area, armpits, face, neck and chest are the most common areas we perform laser hair removal, but they are not the only ones that can be done.

    If you have unwanted hair that you are tired of constantly getting rid of, make sure to schedule a consultation at Dermatology Center of Acadiana with one of our board certified dermatologists to find out more about your specific situation.

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