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Top 5 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Top 5 non invasive dermatological cosmetic procedures for men

Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Cosmetic procedures and services offered at Dermatology Center of Acadiana aren’t just for women! More men than ever are starting to learn the benefits of non-invasive cosmetic enhancements and medical advances that help to defy signs of aging and show off healthy, glowing skin. In fact, according to a report put out by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic procedures on men have grown by 325% since 1997! In honor of Father’s Day this month (and all of the other men in our lives!) here are our Top 5 Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures for Men. With no knife needed, and often little to no downtime, these procedures are great ways to take a few years off while putting your best face forward.

BOTOX non invasive dermatological cosmetic procedures for men in Lafayette, Lousiana

BOTOX for Crow’s Feet, “Surprise Lines” (Forehead wrinkles), and Frown Lines

Over the past few years, men have discovered that injectables like Botox can help to soften and relax the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles on the face. Botox is most commonly used to treat crow’s feet, “surprise lines” (those wrinkles across your forehead), as well as frown lines between the eyebrows. Started early enough, these injectables have even been known to help prevent wrinkles, but don’t despair if yours have already begun, it can help those, too. Injectables allow men to receive a non-invasive treatment on their lunch break, and often to see results within a few days of the injection.

Beware of bargain prices and salon injectables; Botox is best administered by an experienced healthcare professional, like our board certified dermatologists at the Dermatology Center of Acadiana. To find out if you are a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure, give us a call today at 337-235-6886 or schedule an appointment online.

Chemical Peels non invasive cosmetic dermatological procedures for men in Lafayette, LA

Chemical Peels for Fresher, Younger Skin

We offer a variety of chemical peels at DCA, but one of our favorites for men is the Vi Peel, which helps to eliminate fine lines and damage from the sun. Men who work or are active outdoors, often don’t provide their skin with adequate sun protection. Using a chemical peel, such as the Vi Peel, can help to get rid of some of the damaging effects of UV exposure. Due to increased testosterone, men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s, and as a result can require a more powerful peel for desired results; the Vi Peel offers just that. This cosmetic procedure is especially great for acne, fine lines and sun spots.

While this is a non-invasive procedure that has minimal downtime, it is recommended that patients using the Vi Peel stay out of the sun for several days after, while the skin peels and heals from the process. This is a great, very affordable option for men looking for a refreshed look. To schedule your Vi Peel, or any of our other in-office chemical peels, give us a call at 337-235-6886 or send us a message today!

Juvederm dermal fillers non invasive dermatological cosmetic procedures for men in Lafayette, LA

Dermal Fillers for a Youthful Appearance

As we all begin to age, we lose volume in certain areas of our face. Juvederm is a great option for men who want a subtle, yet noticeable change, in their aging face. Targeted areas for the procedure in men include dark circles under the eyes and the nasiolabial folds (the lines that run from the side of the nose to the mouth). Juvederm is used in the chin area to give a man a more chiseled look to his appearance with a non-invasive procedure, rather than a more invasive implant with long recovery time. Under the eyes, Juvederm is used to give a more youthful, rested look and reduce the appearance of darkened, or undereye hollows in men. Aging and genetics can lead to nasiolabial folds, those lines that appear vertically from the side of the nose down to the mouth. Men, especially, are prone to these lines as an effect of aging, but fillers like Juvederm are a great solution for plumping and evening these areas out to give a more youthful appearance.

Like the injectables Botox, Juvederm is offered in our Lafayette office and takes less than thirty minutes for the entire appointment. You can resume normal activities that day, but we do suggest nothing strenuous and avoiding alcohol intake for 24 hours after the treatment. To discuss Juvederm and other popular facial and dermal fillers offered by our board certified Dermatologists, please call us at 337-235-6886 or schedule an appointment online today.

Kybella get rid of double chin non invasive cosmetic dermatological procedures for men in Lafayette, LA

Kybella to Help Get Rid of a Double Chin

One of the greatest advances to come to cosmetic dermatology in the last few years has been Kybella, an injection that works by helping to dissolve fat under the chin that gives a “double-chin” appearance. Kybella works with a series of injections of a naturally occurring substance in the body called deoxycholic acid, that destroy fat cells that the body then reabsorbs. Each session includes a series of injections, and multiple treatments are often necessary, but the results are incredible. For men, one of the biggest advantages is a better, more defined jawline and more chiseled over-all look.

Since so many men wear collared suits and ties, which tend to provide a frame for their faces, addressing areas such as submental fullness under the chin helps to clean up the look and provide for a more masculine jawline. Dermatology Center of Acadiana offers Kybella injections in our Lafayette office. Most patients will need more than one treatment, with an average of three, and these are scheduled six weeks apart. To schedule your first series of Kybella, call us at 337-235-6886 or schedule an appointment online!

Microneedling non invasive cosmetic dermatological procedures for men in Lafayette, LA

Microneedling for Natural Regeneration

Men who have suffered years of skin abuse and neglect may want to try microneedling. It is a non-invasive procedure, with only minimal downtime. At Dermatology Center of Acadiana, we use the Eclipse Micropen to provide optimal results to our patients. It is most often used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, enlarged pores, stretch marks and sun damage, and relies on the naturally regenerative powers of your own skin to aid in the healing process.

While this popular option can be found at spas, outside of a clinical setting, we recommend only being treated in a physician’s office to make sure you are receiving a sterile treatment and receive the most accurate after-care instructions. It is becoming more common for men to do cosmetic procedures of all sorts as their efficacy improves and their downtime lessens, as now getting laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures are now much more of a consideration for many men.

Make sure to look at our range of cosmetic dermatology options to see if any interest you, regardless of whether you are male or female. Everyone can benefit from youthful, glowing skin.

To schedule your treatment with our licensed aesthetician today and help show off your best face, give us a call at 337-235-6886 or schedule an appointment online.