What Can Laser Genesis and Laser XLV Treat?

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When it comes to the toughest skin issues, over-the-counter products aren’t always enough. Sun damage, chronic conditions, and the natural process of aging can lead us to develop irregularities on our faces and bodies that we might prefer to do without. If you have fine lines, wrinkles, scars, sun spots, or spider veins, you know how difficult it is to treat these conditions. At Dermatology Center of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA, we offer state-of-the-art treatments that can give your skin the care it needs with the Laser Genesis and XLV Laser Treatment.

What Are Laser Genesis and Laser XLV?

These two powerful devices are medical-grade lasers that treat the deep layers of your skin to deliver remarkable improvements. They offer a safe, effective way to address a variety of conditions.

Laser Genesis Can Treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Other types of scars
  • Facial redness
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Sun spots
  • Melasma

Laser XLV Can Treat:

  • Spider veins
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Hemangiomas
  • Port wine stains


The Benefits of Laser Genesis

Stimulates Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities

Laser Genesis works by penetrating beyond the epidermis to the lower layers of your skin, where deep healing can occur. There, it stimulates the production of collagen. This protein is responsible for the repair of your cells in a number of situations. When your skin is injured, collagen helps to close it off from infection. In young people, collagen prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also essential for warding off sun damage.

Once your body has produced extra collagen in response to the laser treatment, it uses the abundance of this protein to heal or replace cells that have damage. That’s why Laser Genesis can be used for so many conditions. Fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, facial redness, acne scars, and a great many other issues can show improvement after this treatment.

A Mild Treatment that Requires No Down Time

While some approaches can physically remove surface cells, Laser Genesis doesn’t need to do that. Unlike other treatments, it works below the top layer of your skin. The lasers are fractional, meaning they break the wavelengths down into many thousands of beams. This makes Laser Genesis a mild treatment that does not require any downtime.

There are two main categories of cosmetic lasers: ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers remove damaged cells to force their replacement and stimulate healing. Non-ablative lasers do not. Instead, they focus on stimulating collagen and encouraging healthy cell turnover. This makes them an excellent, noninvasive option for people who want to take a safe, gentle approach to their professional skincare.

Can Treat the Signs of Aging

Fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and dull skin are all part of the natural aging process. Over time, everyone experiences changes in the tone and texture of their complexions. By stimulating collagen, Laser Genesis provides a youthful boost exactly where you need it. After this treatment, you will see your fine lines and wrinkles start to fade. The extra collagen can also help reduce pore size and give you an all-over glow.

Can Improve Issues With Pigmentation

Why do we get sun spots, melasma, and other forms of hyperpigmentation? These conditions occur when our cells produce too much melanin, which is responsible for their color. As a result, certain areas appear darker than others. In the case of sun spots, this happens when exposure to harmful UV rays sends our cells into melanin overdrive. People with melasma usually experience their condition as a result of hormonal changes. Laser Genesis can help your skin achieve a more even tone by treating these areas.

Can Reduce the Appearance of Scars

Many people seek laser treatments to treat acne scars. These marks are especially frustrating because they can persist for years after the battle with blemishes has been won. Scars are the result of either too much or too little collagen. When your body doesn’t produce enough to deal with an injury, the skin can retain an indentation. When there is too much, it can become raised.

Laser Genesis treats these irregular areas by stimulating the healing process in your body again. When given a second chance to address the site of an injury, your body can often do so with greater smoothness. This treatment is often used for acne scars, but it works well on other types of scarring, too.

Can Treat Facial Redness

If you have skin that appears red constantly, your condition might be more than flushing or a sunburn. Lasting facial redness is caused by thousands of tiny broken blood vessels in your skin. While there is no cure, Laser Genesis can help you control the appearance of facial redness by closing off these vessels. In doing so, it helps restore a more even tone to your skin.

Delivers Professional Results

There are a number of at-home remedies for all of the conditions mentioned above, but Laser Genesis can give you results that are more noticeable and longer-lasting. Maintaining a healthy skincare routine at home is important for cleansing and maintaining hydration, but damaged cells usually require professional treatments to show visible improvement. If you have tried many topical creams without getting the results you want to achieve, Laser Genesis can finally improve your skin in a noticeable way.

The Benefits of Laser XLV

Can Improve Many Types of Vascular Lesions

Laser XLV is a treatment that we use primarily in the treatment of vascular lesions or areas where blood vessels become visible. They include spider veins, cherry angiomas, hemangiomas and port wine stains.

People develop these issues for a variety of different reasons. Spider veins are often caused by working jobs that require extended periods of time on your feet. Genetics and high body weight can also contribute to the development of vascular lesions. In some people, hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause can be the cause. Regardless of which of these factors caused the issue, Laser XLV can help.

Uses Advanced Technology

By emitting two different wavelengths, this laser can treat vascular lesions with great versatility. It uses high power beams of green to thicken the blood in these vessels, eventually causing them to be reabsorbed into your body. This process is harmless and effective.

Has a Unique Cooling Feature for Superior Comfort

The Laser XLV has a cooling tip that regulates the temperature of the targeted areas. The cooling occurs prior to the laser pulse, during it, and immediately after. Most patients who have this treatment report no significant discomfort. You don’t need to worry about pain developing afterward, either. The whole process is designed to be comfortable and gentle on your skin.

Is Extremely Safe

The wavelengths emitted by this laser are absorbed by the targeted blood vessels without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. It is non-surgical and non-invasive. For that reason, there is no downtime and virtually no chance of experiencing lasting side effects. You can resume normal activities immediately after your treatment.

Gives Fast Results

Patients who use this treatment to improve veins on their face can expect to see the effects almost instantly. When used for spider veins on the legs, patients see great improvement after two weeks with optimal benefits achieved after six.

Is a Speedy Treatment

Most patients who come in for this treatment are done in less than half an hour. Sometimes, the treatment is even faster than the consultation. Many of our patients schedule their appointments during their lunch break.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Effects of These Treatments Last?

It depends on which condition you are treating. For fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, a Laser Genesis treatment can last three to six months. For sun spots, it can be permanent, although new spots might form over time as you continue to go about your life. In that case, you can renew your results by just repeating the treatment. A great way to prolong the benefits, in either case, is by wearing SPF every day. In the case of acne scars, most patients enjoy permanent results.

Laser XLV for vascular lesions will also yield permanent results. However, they only apply to the specific blood vessels that were treated. If you develop more vascular lesions because you are prone to them, you might want to come in for a touch-up.

How Many Treatments Are Needed to Achieve Optimal Results?

This also depends on what you are treating as well as a few other factors, including the severity of your condition and your body’s response to the treatment. In some cases, one treatment is enough to address mild concerns. Most people can get the best results from two or three treatments spaced several weeks apart.

Which Areas of the Face and Body Can Be Treated?

Most of the areas that are prone to damage can be treated. Laser Genesis is most often used on the face, chest, arms and other areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. Laser XLV is usually done on the face or the legs.

Who Is a Good Candidate for These Treatments?

These treatments are safe for almost anyone. They work on both men and women and can be tolerated by all skin types. If you are looking for a way to treat tough skin conditions without surgery or other more invasive measures, they could be perfect for you. They work especially well on people who have experienced sun damage, acne outbreaks, or disruptive hormonal changes.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about Laser Genesis and Laser XLV, come in for a free consultation. It’s a great opportunity to see our practice, ask all of your questions, and get a personalized plan for your skincare. We are committed to providing high-quality treatments to all of our patients, and we will customize your care according to the condition of your skin. During the consultation, we can do an assessment of your concerns and tell you more about how our laser treatments can benefit you, individually.

Laser Genesis and Laser XLV Can Give You Amazing Results

When you need to put the power of advanced technology behind your skincare, our incredible laser treatments can help. Laser Genesis and Laser XLV are two of the most sophisticated systems designed to treat a variety of challenging skin concerns. If you have unwanted signs of aging, pigmentation issues, scarring, facial redness, or visible blood vessels, these treatments can give you significant improvements. Their safety and gentleness make them ideally suited to people who want to help heal their skin without incurring further damage.

Contact the Dermatology Center of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA for more information on Laser Genesis and Laser XLV. We would love to improve the appearance of your skin with the healing power of medical technology.