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Answering Your Lip Filler FAQs

Some beauty trends seem to arrive on the scene overnight only to fade from our Instagram feeds just as fast. Then there are other looks that gain popularity over time, and rather than being shelved as one-time trends, they establish cultural anchors in the beauty world. Lip filler belongs to the latter category. If you have a lip filler appointment scheduled – or are wondering if lip filler might be right for you – here’s what you need to know before your next treatment. 

What are fillers? 

Fillers are cosmetic injections used to restore volume to certain areas of the face, creating a more youthful appearance. Most fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the skin. These fillers are commonly used to enhance the fullness of the lips. When hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the lips, they immediately work to attract water, which, in turn, adds volume to the region where it was injected to give a fuller appearance.

Are there any benefits to getting lip filler? 

There’s a common misconception that lip filler gives you “duck lips” – but that’s not always the case. While there are occasional requests for pillowy, plumped-out lips, we can easily help our patients achieve a more natural, subtle look. That’s right: you can get your lips done without them looking done

In addition to adding volume to the lips, lip filler can also address a variety of other aesthetic concerns. Lips come in all shapes and sizes, but lip filler can add fullness to lips that may be hereditarily thin. Winding back the clock is another motivation for our lip filler patients. While lips thin and wrinkle with age, filler can restore their previous, more youthful appearance. 

How long do lip fillers last? 

While results vary from person to person, most lip filler results will last from six to 12 months. Fillers tend to metabolize faster in people who are young, more active, and have a higher metabolism, so these patients may need to schedule touch-up appointments more often. 

How can I  maximize my treatment results? 

After your lip filler treatment, avoid firm pressure on the area for a full 24 hours. This will give the filler time to set and reduce any possible swelling. Wash your face using only a gentle cleanser, and avoid using any skincare products that might irritate the treatment areas. 

Our board-certified dermatologists are experts in today’s leading cosmetic enhancers and fillers, including Juvéderm®. They’ll recommend a personalized skincare and treatment plan to help you reach your unique goals. Make an appointment at the Dermatology Center of Acadiana by calling (337) 235-6886. 

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