How to Keep Your Skin Looking Merry and Bright All Season Long

With the countdown to Christmas underway, you’re no doubt planning your beauty looks for the upcoming party season. But between the colder weather, cookies and booze galore, and the stress of keeping up during the busiest time of the year, keeping your skin clear for the festivities (and your family Christmas card photos) can be easier said than done.

Now, we’re not saying that you should stop having fun over Christmas (we’ll be enjoying ourselves just the same!), but there are a few things you should be doing to safeguard your skin at this time of the year. Use these tips to keep your skin looking merry and bright all season long.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially during the cooler temps and dry air that come with the end-of-year holidays. Dry skin not only feels rough but can also display blemishes more than usual. Keeping your skin hydrated will add healthy plumpness to every area of your face.

Exfoliate Regularly

With dry indoor heating and freezing outside air, the winter weather makes your skin dull and dry. As your skin dehydrates, dead skin cells pile up faster. Regularly exfoliating the dull, dead top layer of skin will ensure that your skin can cope with winter dryness, as new skin cells will be able to absorb the hydrating boosts they need. Finish off with a rich cream to seal in moisture. Exfoliate at least twice weekly.

Lather Your Lips

As the winter months approach with bustling winds and plummeting temperature, the lips are the first to dry up. To relieve dry, chapped winter lips, ensure that the moisture that’s lost is replenished regularly. But applying moisture to lips laden with dead skin is somewhat useless as the moisture applied is only sitting on top and can’t get through to the new skin cells. Buff off the dry, top layer of skin from your lips with a lip scrub.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes

Late nights are inevitable during the holidays. And partying may leave you feeling tired, but there’s no reason to also look it. An extra boost of collagen to your under-eye area will keep them soft and hydrated. Using a quality eye cream is the best method to deliver much-needed hydration and moisture.

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